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“Tree-2-3” is a unique and engaging game designed to introduce numbers and basic math in a silly, movement-driven, visual, and multi-sensory way. It’s an exceptional tool for developing visual thinking around introductory math. The game is ideal for children just starting to learn math, for those who find math challenging, as well as for adults and families seeking cognitive engagementand connection. It enhances visual-spatial skills, mental sharpness, and mathematical foundations in a fun and interactive manner.

Ages 5 to adult.

The Brain Blossom Program is a clinical program that supports healing, learning, and development from a brain-based perspective and an educational approach that provides games and activities to help any learner in any learning setting be more efficient, joyful, and successful! 

We know that all kids can love learning when they have the information presented in the right way at the right time! No two kids are the same, and our games are designed to be fun and engaging and build the foundation of efficient learning while PLAYING! 

We have a variety of brain-based learning games, including pre-reader, reader, and more math games in production! All of these games are based on decades of “playing” in a clinical setting and now delivered in a fun, engaging, educational family game! These games can be played in the classroom or enjoyed during family game night!

Our first game, Tree-2-3, sold out in just ONE day!

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